Robotic Inguinal Hernia Repair

Robotic Inguinal hernia repair is an option when ventral or incisional hernia repair regardless of recurrence is needed and the laparoscopic alternative is an option (this should be determined by a medical provider).

Dr Richardson Inguinal Hernia Repair Leader

Dr. Richardson recognized as Inguinal Hernia Repair leader along with other surgeons who have performed 60 surgeries or more. Dr. Richardson has performed 200+.

What is Hernia? In simplest terms a hernia is tear, hole or other defect that allows protrusion of tissue, organ or intestine through the hole, tear or defect. Most hernias are inguinal hernias which occur through the groin. Other occur either inside the abdomen wall due to hole in diaphragm or up through the chest known as hiatal hernia. Epigastric hernias occur between the navel and the breastbone.

Incisional hernia is a hernia that occurs through any previous surgical incision in the abdominal wall, that either fails to heal or ruptures over time. Incisional can also be referred to as ventral because they occur through through the front of the abdominal wall.

Hernias are generally repaired with mesh (synthetic or biologic), without tension. The widely accepted laparoscopic surgery allows the hernia to be repaired in a minimally invasive fashion. Minimally invasive refers to surgical techniques requiring smaller incisions, with decreased incisional pain, decreased morbidity, without increasing operative time and shorter hospital stays with a quick return to activities of daily living.

The robotic inguinal hernia repair is a surgical alternative that allows the hernia to be repaired with approximation of the hernia defect with suture and placement of mesh (usually synthetic) with suture. Approximation of the hernia defect with traditional laparoscopy is not usually performed due to technical challenges. The rates of complication and recurrence of robotic inguinal hernia repair are similar to traditional laparoscopy.

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Reference: Robotic, Laparoscopic, and Open Surgery How Do They Differ in Abdominal Operations? Explanation written by Barry N. Gardiner, M.D.